[Dev] Activation of ARM Arch support in Tizen3

Dominig ar Foll (Intel OTC) dominig.arfoll at fridu.net
Fri May 16 08:25:49 GMT 2014


I am pleased to announce that we have reactivated the build of Tizen3 
for ARM 32 bits architecture.

The initial goal is to create a Common image for an ARM easy to purchase 
hacker board. the current candidate is the Odroid-U3
I am quite convinced that he community will add support for other boards 
in a second phase.


Once that phase passed, we will work on the creation of a Tizen IVI ARM 
target. I hope that we will get the support of an IVI vendor to create a 
reference image for a device which is closer to the IVI needs, in a 
similar way of what is done in IA with the VTC1010. Any volunteer ?

You can see the progress of the build on the Tizen OBS. Note that as we 
are still fixing some core building issue (the recent move to KVM for 
the OBS builder is not fully transparent), it might be that we have to 
force a full build a few times more. Don't panic if you see that all 
packages are broken.

The status when sending this email was :
   arm-wayland   armv7l
         succeeded: 716
         failed: 7
         unresolvable: 12
         disabled: 3
         excluded: 18

Real time status

We are currently working on a reliable rebuild of glibc (hence the risk 
of full rebuild).
The major building work remaining to be done, is Crosswalk and QT5.
Then will attack the image creation.

If you want it to be delivered quicker, meet us on the Tizen Dev mailing 
list we will tell you how you can help.


P.S. The key engineers in charge of that work will be in San Francisco 
for the Tizen Developer conference. Come and share a drink with us.

Dominig ar Foll
Senior Software Architect
Open Source Technology Centre
Intel SSG

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