[Dev] Activation of ARM Arch support in Tizen3

Tomasz Olszak olszak.tomasz at gmail.com
Fri May 16 08:59:57 GMT 2014

> We are currently working on a reliable rebuild of glibc (hence the risk of
> full rebuild).
> The major building work remaining to be done, is Crosswalk and QT5.
> Then will attack the image creation.

Qt opengl test fails

++ -c -pipe -O2 -Wall -W -fPIE -DQ_OS_LINUX_TIZEN
-I../../../mkspecs/devices/linux-g++-tizen -I. -o opengles2.o
[  126s] In file included from /usr/include/GLES2/gl2.h:6:0,
[  126s]                  from opengles2.cpp:45:
[  126s] /usr/include/GLES2/gl2platform.h:20:29: fatal error:
KHR/khrplatform.h: No such file or directory
[  126s]  #include <KHR/khrplatform.h>
[  126s]                              ^

qt5.spec file was prepared according to substiutions placed in
build.conf files for ivi, mobile and generic profiles. So obviously
something had to change in Common.
It contains:

BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gles20)

Whch is substituted by in [1]:

Substitute: pkgconfig(gles20)  pkgconfig(egl) pkgconfig(glesv2)

So first guess is that glesv2 doesn't pull all the dependencies it
requires and/or pc file contains wrong include paths.
Where can I find build.conf for [2], I will check the issue with gbs.

[2] http://download.tizen.org/live/Tizen:/Common/arm-wayland/
Tomasz Olszak
Qt for Tizen | http://qt-project.org/wiki/Tizen

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