[Dev] Common/Generic profile images usability

Roman Kubiak r.kubiak at samsung.com
Mon May 19 15:36:33 GMT 2014

Small update.

I got GL to work in qemu, but weston is running as root, still don't 
know what additional permissions/capabilities weston needs to run as the 
display user.

I noticed that QT doesn't know about touch events in the qemu window, 
EFL apps seem to handle that, but QT does not.

xwalk does not start, it just logs a lot of not-implemented calls and 

I'm using the common image from 19.05, 32bits with additional (forced) 
installation of emulator-yagl.

best regards
On 05/13/2014 05:25 PM, Roman Kubiak wrote:
> I downloaded the latest available common/generic images (common with 
> wayland and generic with Xorg), but neither of those show any GUI (i'm 
> using vmware-player to run the images). They start, the system is 
> booting to the "Graphical Interfcae" target, but the window manager 
> service is failing (btw, the SMACK rule loading service is failing too 
> because it assumes that smackfs is mount at /smack, and it's not it's 
> at /sys/fs/smackfs).
> Could someone tell me what is the default behaviour for those 
> profiles. Should some sort of UI show up so I could test 
> applications/widgets on those profiles, maybe i need to install some 
> additional packages to get this running ?
> best regards

  Roman Kubiak

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