[Dev] New Tizen Bluetooth Framwork (NTB) wiki page

Xu, Martin martin.xu at intel.com
Tue May 20 02:57:56 GMT 2014


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> A couple thoughts...
> It seems that in order to enforce security or to do multi-user requires yet-
> another-daemon and leads to daemon-creep: daemons servicing daemons.  Where
> many of these services are accessed over DBus, the additional DBus-hops has
> performance implications in addition to memory implications of having yet-
> another-daemon just to do security.
> What are the alternatives?  Work with bluez, connman, ofono, etc upstream to
> make the libcynara integration.  Make it a compile-time option that's opt-in.
> I don't know what bluetooth multi-user is.  Perhaps use-cases would help
> people understand what changes need to be made.  If there are changes,
> perhaps the upstream projects would be interested in them also.
> Upstream first.
We just start try to figure out what the Tizen mulit-user is, and what is the requirement to NTB and even BlueZ.
Of course, upstream first. :)

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