[Dev] libcynara API

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Tue May 20 14:53:26 GMT 2014

On 20.5.2014 0:21, Patrick Ohly wrote:
> I plan to clean up properly when the process shuts down. This includes
> calling cynara_finish() ("should be called once before exiting
> service"). Once I do that after having introduced threading, I need to
> know what happens when there is a parallel cynara_check(), or whether I
> am expected to avoid this situation.

If I'd ever implement Cynara support to gsignond which is driver by glib 
mainloop but not multi-threaded (and not planned to be), I'd need to ask 
how to launch multiple parallel cynara_check()'s in parallel.

Because we dispatch calls to different plugin processes asynchronously, 
thus handling new requests for other methods before plugin process 
completes the previous one.

If cynara_check() can block for UI, then dbus call will timeout after 30 
seconds and it could mean a completely unrelated client request timing out.

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