[Dev] Mesa will be updated to 10.1.2 from 9.2.1

Philippe Coval philippe.coval at open.eurogiciel.org
Wed May 21 07:10:06 GMT 2014

On 05/21/2014 04:11 AM, Wang, Quanxian wrote:
> I have checked the installed image(tizen-ivi-20140519.12) and check
> all the libraries which depend mesa, mesa-libEGL, mesa-libGLESv2,
> mesa-libglapi(built from my branch mesa-10.1.3). And at last found the
> root cause.
> I miss installing *libgbm *packages which is built out by mesa!!!!
best is to rebuild everything possible to make sure nothing is left
Could the obs be used for temporary works like this ?
> By the way, I will cleanup the original mesa commit log because more
> commits are cherried pick from mesa-10.x and more changes for x
> dependency.
Yes managing untracked downstream patches can be painfull to maintainers
but I invite you to track skiped patches, that's what I did  when
Bumping to 10.1.3
see commit message ...
I will put this in my talk at TdcSf2014 , come and see :)

> You will see a clean commit list for mesa-10.1.3. It will be helpful
> for following upgrade of mesa.
is sandbox/pcoval/devel  missing thing ?


to the safer way to do this

git remote add from $upstream_url
git fetch --all --tags
git co upstream
git reset --hard v10.1.3
git push --tags

git co tizen
git rebase -i sandox/pcoval/devel
git rebase --skip # loop and skip conflicts patches

git rebase -i upstream # and double check everything is there :)
# you should remove that latest hack patch

git push --all

And lazier way if you trust me (a bit too much) :

git co tizen
git reset --hard sandbox/pcoval/devel
git cherry-pick # the interesting patches in remotes/origin/tizen

> Keep tune.
> Thanks for everyone’s help.
> Special thanks to Eoff, Ullysses A and Philippe Coval ‘s great help.
You're welcome...

Then, I will also have to upgrade the libva packages + efl
and tizen will have an up to date graphics stack

waiting to be granted to ATM :

PS: do you prefer using mailing llist or bug tracker ?
I have a preference for later one ...

 mailto:philippe.coval at eurogiciel.fr  --  gpg:0x467094BC
 xmpp:philippe.coval.pro at gmail.com

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