[Dev] Tizen Common (TC) project is ready for Tizen 3.0 bug tracking

Shen, Cathy cathy.shen at intel.com
Thu May 22 04:29:41 GMT 2014

I'm glad to announce that the Tizen Common (TC) project is ready in https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/. The TC project is configured for bug tracking of Tizen 3.0. Besides bug, 2 issue types task and sub-task are also provided for your convenience.

There are 113 components managed in Domain/Sub-domain format, including 102 common components and 11 Automotive components. The component owners are set in terms of scm/meta/git/domains file in Git repository. You can refer to JIRA or below list to understand who will be responsible for the bugs in every component.

Component						Lead
App Framework / Alarm			Brad Peters
App Framework / Application Communication	Brad Peters
App Framework / Application Core	Brad Peters
App Framework / Application Installer	Brad Peters
App Framework / Application Launcher	Brad Peters
App Framework / Application Utility	Brad Peters
App Framework / Configuration		Brad Peters
App Framework / Database			Brad Peters
App Framework / Notification		Brad Peters
Automotive / Automotive Message Broker	Dominique Le Foll
Automotive / Automotive Web API	Dominique Le Foll
Automotive / Configuration			Mikko Ylinen
Automotive / Ethernet AVB			Mikko Ylinen
Automotive / GENIVI				Mikko Ylinen
Automotive / Hardware Adaption	Dominique Le Foll
Automotive / ICO Homescreen		Mikko Ylinen
Automotive / Resource Policy		Mikko Ylinen
Automotive / Sample Apps			Mikko Ylinen
Automotive / Speech				Dominique Le Foll
Automotive /DLNA				Dominique Le Foll
Base / Compression				william douglas
Base / Device Management		william douglas
Base / File Systems				william douglas
Base / Hardware Adaptation		Auke Kok
Base / IPC						william douglas
Base / Libraries					Auke Kok
Base / Package Management		william douglas
Base / Startup					Auke Kok
Base / Toolchain					william douglas
Base / Utilities					Auke Kok
Graphics & UI Framework / Buffer Management	Sangjin Lee
Graphics & UI Framework / EFL		Myoungwoon Roy Kim
Graphics & UI Framework / Fonts	WooHyun Jung
Graphics & UI Framework / GL		Zhigang Gong
Graphics & UI Framework / Imaging	Tae-Hwan Kim Kim
Graphics & UI Framework / Input Framework	Manuel Bachmann
Graphics & UI Framework / Qt		Manuel Bachmann
Graphics & UI Framework / Render Libraries	Zhigang Gong
Graphics & UI Framework / Voice Framework	Dongyeol Lee
Graphics & UI Framework / Wayland Window System	Ossama Othman
Graphics & UI Framework / X Window System	Juan Zhao
Location / Geolocation				Jinmin Chung
Messaging / Cellular				Zoltan Kis
Messaging / Email				Srinivasa Ragavan Venkateswaran
Mobile / Configuration				JF Ding
Mobile / EFL						Myoungwoon Roy Kim
Mobile / Gstreamer				yan zhang
Mobile / Hardware Adaptation		Chanho Park
Mobile / X Window System			Juan Zhao
Multimedia / Audio FW				vivian zhang
Multimedia / Codec				yan zhang
Multimedia / Imaging				yan zhang
Multimedia / Media Camera		yan zhang
Multimedia / Media Content			YAN YIN
Multimedia / Media Editing			yan zhang
Multimedia / Media Playback		YAN YIN
Multimedia / Media Radio			vivian zhang
Multimedia / Media Service			YAN YIN
Multimedia / Media Wireless Streaming	YAN YIN
Native API / App Framework		Brad Peters
Native API / Graphics & UI Framework	JongHyun Yoon
Native API / Location				HyunJu Shin
Native API / Messaging			Zoltan Kis
Native API / Multimedia			YAN YIN
Native API / Network & Connectivity	HyunJu Shin
Native API / Security				Casey Schaufler
Native API / Social & Content		Jaehwa Shin
Native API / Telephony				Oleg Zhurakivskyy
Native API / Web Framework		HyunJu Shin
Network & Connectivity / Bluetooth	wu zheng
Network & Connectivity / Data Network	zhang zhengguang
Network & Connectivity / NFC		Arron Wang
Network & Connectivity / Serial		Martin Xu
Network & Connectivity / WiFi		zhang zhengguang
Platform Development / Build		JF Ding
Platform Development / Compiler	Junfeng dong
Platform Development / Perl		Michael Doherty
Platform Development / Python		Sriram Ramkrishna
Platform Development / Utilities		Chengwei Yang
SCM / BB						Kévin THIERRY
SDK / Command line tools			Jackie Wu
SDK / Common IDE				Ziv Chang
SDK / Documents					Bob Spencer
SDK / Dynamic analysis			Ziv Chang
SDK / Emulator					Ziv Chang
SDK / Native build system			Ziv Chang
SDK / Native IDE					Ziv Chang
SDK / Native UI builder			Ziv Chang
SDK / SDK package management	Ziv Chang
SDK / Web simulator				Wenchao Wang
SDK / Web UI builder				Xu Zhang
Security / Application Privilege		Casey Schaufler
Security / Authentication			Casey Schaufler
Security / Certificates				Casey Schaufler
Security / Cryptography			Casey Schaufler
Security / Digital Rights			Casey Schaufler
Security / Smack					Casey Schaufler
Security / Utilities					Casey Schaufler
Social & Content / GNOME			Patrick Ohly
Social & Content / PIM				Yoonkyong Lee
System / File Systems				Auke Kok
System / Hardware Adaptation		Chanho Park
System / Libraries					Auke Kok
System / Logging					william douglas
System / Sensor Framework		Brad Peters
System / Utilities					Auke Kok
Telephony / Cellular FW			Oleg Zhurakivskyy
Telephony / Hardware Adaptation	Oleg Zhurakivskyy
Telephony / Telephony FW			Oleg Zhurakivskyy
Web Framework / Crosswalk		Mikhail Pozdnyakov
Web Framework / Web Engine		Jaesik Chang
Web Framework / Web Runtime	Seungkeun Lee
Web Framework / Web UI FW		Gabriel Schulhof


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