[Dev] User ID allocation

Michal Witanowski m.witanowski at samsung.com
Thu May 22 15:59:44 GMT 2014

Let me explain a little bit more.

First of all, we assume that UIDs in Tizen are less than 10000 (at least
that's true for the current snapshot). That enables us to offset UIDs of the
containers by multiplies of 10000. By now we support 2 containers: business
(UID offset = 10000) and private (UID offset = 20000), but of course it will
be a flexible solution allowing for creating multiple container instances.

Full Tizen image (consisting of host and 2 guests) could be produced in two
different ways: static image creation and migration.

In the first scenario UID are shifted at the image build time, so after
first system boot everything is set up correctly (we don't need any
additional shifts here). Migration will be more tricky: firstly we will dump
current host image, shift UIDs of file system (by n x 10000) and then flash
a minimal Tizen image and install our daemon whose UID will match the one
existing in the containers. This is required because of dbus authorization
mechanism. If we won't ensure the UID for our demon is free, the
communication between the containers will fail.

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Why do you require UID to be static? Username can be static, but the 
resulting UID can change.

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