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Thanks, Brian.  I’m looking at it right now too.  I confirmed the behavior Art reported.   File creation is possible with EOY but not with  APR.  A patch was submitted a while back to rectify this but did not get merged.  I’m following up on this now.  In the meantime, per Brian’s suggestion, Art, please try chsmack as a workaround if possible.


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Hi Art,


That looks right.  You might check that the Smack label of the Downloads directory is set right.  If ls –lZ /opt/usr/media doesn’t show the label as User, use ‘chsmack –a User /opt/usr/media/Downloads’ to fix it.  Hopefully that resolves your issue, if not I’ll dig further to see what might be going on.




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I'm working on an app that stores and reads from the Downloads directory on the system using.  I seem to having an error when trying to access that storage location.  This seems to be a change from EOY release and the APR22 release.   Please advise if I'm using this incorrectly or if something has changed in the security model.






It asks for permission using the config.xml file with the following.

            <tizen:privilege name="http://tizen.org/privilege/filesystem.read" />

            <tizen:privilege name="http://tizen.org/privilege/filesystem.write" />


The code that seems to have the fault.

        if (typeof(tizen) !== 'undefined') {

            // Has this called changed or should I be requesting permission by another means? Note this._settingsStorageName = "downloads"
            tizen.filesystem.resolve(this._settingsStorageName, function(directory) {
                var settingsFile;
                try {
                     settingsFile = directory.resolve(self._settingsFileName);
                } catch(ex) {
                    console.warn("Settings file doesn't exist, creating ...", ex);
                    settingsFile = directory.createFile(self._settingsFileName);

                settingsFile.readAsText(function(contents) {
                    //console.log("Settings file contents", contents);
                    var configValues = null;

                    if (contents.length > 0) {
                        try {
                            configValues = JSON.parse(contents);
                        catch (ex) {
                            console.error("Error occured during parsing settings file", ex);

                    if (!configValues || !configValues.version || configValues.version < self._values.version) {
                        configValues = jQuery.extend({}, self._values);
                    //console.log("Loaded settings:", configValues);

                    if (JSON.stringify(configValues) !== JSON.stringify(self._values)) {
                        console.log("Settings updated.");
                        self._values = configValues;

                }, function(ex) {
                    console.error("Cannot read settings file", ex);
            }, function(error) {

                console.error("Error occured during opening Documents directory", error); // This is the line that reports the error.
            }, "rw");
        } else {
            console.warn("Tizen API is not available, cannot read settings from persistent storage.");



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