[Dev] User ID allocation

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu May 22 18:39:47 GMT 2014

Em qui 22 maio 2014, às 18:58:40, Piotr Bartosiewicz escreveu:
> Who wrote that daemon is connecting to a session bus? It's not true!

That's what I understood from the OP. Michal wrote about D-Bus socket. Since 
the system bus has no UID restriction on connection, I concluded it was the 
session bus. And since a UID is even being discussed, I concluded it was 
something with a different UID (system service) trying to connect to the 
session bus.

> In our solution we have three complete tizen systems: host system,
> first container named private and second container named business.
> There is a daemon on the host system which manages containers and
> additionally has an ability co communicate with them by connecting to
> theirs dbus system sockets (to clarify: there is no connection to session
> sockets, there is no connection to host system socket, there are only
> two independent connections between host daemon and containers
> system dbus).

There's no problem in that from the D-Bus side. You're talking about system 
buses, therefore any connection is allowed.

The bus restrictions are a different story.

> > In any case, I still don't understand the problem. You're talking about a
> > pair of UIDs and flashing the device...
> The problem is that we need some user IDs to be the same in the host
> tizen as in the container tizen (you can think of them as an independent
> systems).

I understand you need that. I don't understand what the problem is.

You should use useradd -r in the host tizen system to create a system UID for 
you. Once you have done that, use useradd again in the container tizen but 
pass the UID, GID, shell path, home dir settings from the host system.

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