[Dev] [Announcement] New Tizen Tools Version Released (14.02)

Zhang, Qiang Z qiang.z.zhang at intel.com
Sun May 25 02:18:31 GMT 2014

**On behalf of Tizen development tools team and all other contributors**

We are very pleased to announce that new version of Tizen development tools
[14.02] is released on download.tizen.org, including the following:

* GBS 0.22
* MIC 0.25
* repa 0.2

For information about Tools repositories, refer to:

  [Tools Repository](http://download.tizen.org/tools/latest-release/)


* New feature: orphan-packaging development model

  implement 'devel' subcommand for orphan-packaging development model, which
  facilitates package maintainers to better maintain package in the orphan-
  packaging branch model by providing five actions, including 'start', 'export',
  'drop', 'switch', and 'convert'. Currently, this is only an experimental
  version, so please report jira tickets if you found some issues.

  For detailed information, refer to: [Maintenance Models][7] and [GBS 'devel' command][8]

* Supported distribution list

  All the supported Linux distributions versions are as follows:

  - Ubuntu 14.04(New)
  - Ubuntu 13.10
  - Ubuntu 12.04
  - openSUSE 13.1
  - openSUSE 12.3
  - openSUSE 12.2
  - Fedora 20
  - Fedora 19
  - CentOS 6
  - Debian 7(New)

For information about tools release naming conventions and download folder
strucuture, refer to:

  [Tools Repository Specification](http://download.tizen.org/tools/README.txt)


* GBS 0.22 release
   - Implement 'devel' subcommand to support orphan-packaging development model
   - Conf: support adding new sections and updating an empty conf file
   - Support new profile key 'exclude_packages' like --exclude build option
   - Changelog: utilize rpm-ch from git-buildpackage
   - Build: add group metadata to local repodata if package-groups.rpm exists

  For detailed information about GBS enhancements, refer to: [GBS Release Notes][1]

* MIC 0.25 release

  - Generate manifest file to describe image information
  - Refactor archive and compress module
  - Support sparse handle for tar command
  - Replace system V with systemd on locale setting
  - Support lzop compress

  For detailed information, refer to: [MIC Release Notes][2]

* repa 0.2 release
  - Implement --processes options for repa list
  - Implement --colorize option
  - Implement --showurls option
  - Reduce amount of information in repa list output
  - Make 'project' mandatory config option
  - Add configuration file info to the man page
  - Man page enhancements
  - Get rid of --regexp command line option
  - Create one SR for all packages in submission
  - Add -group suffix to the path for the group
  - Draft implementation of repa diff

  For detailed information, refer to: [repa Release Notes][3]


 [1]: http://download.tizen.org/tools/latest-release/RELEASE_NOTES_GBS.txt
        "GBS Release Notes"
 [2]: http://download.tizen.org/tools/latest-release/RELEASE_NOTES_MIC.txt
        "MIC Release Notes"
 [3]: http://download.tizen.org/tools/latest-release/RELEASE_NOTES_REPA.txt
        "repa Release Notes"
 [4]: https://source.tizen.org/documentation/developer-guide/environment-setup
        "Tools Installation Guide"
 [5]: https://source.tizen.org/documentation/reference/git-build-system
        "GBS Reference Guide"
 [6]: https://source.tizen.org/documentation/reference/mic-image-creator
        "MIC Reference Guide"
 [7]: https://source.tizen.org/documentation/reference/git-build-system/maintenance-models-supported-gbs
        "Maintenance Models"
 [8]: https://source.tizen.org/documentation/reference/git-build-system/usage/gbs-devel
        "GBS 'devel' command"

Tizen Development Tools Team

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