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> Hi Tom:
> I hope below comments can help you. :)
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> > Any thoughts on the 2 questions below?
> In fact, oFono, ConnMan and BlueZ is designed to co-work seamlessly from
> beginning.
> So HFP AG/HF, NAP(tethering), can be achieved from the three projects well.
> And I do not think it should go through Bluetooth CAPI.
> The HFP AG CAPI is designed for Samsung's telephony stack, and it only be
> used at Samsung Tizen Mobile. At IVI, we use oFono to provides the HFP HF
> feature, so if you are working on the features at IVI, just use Dbus API from
> oFono is OK. Of course, if you want to wrap HFP DBus API like CAPI(lib) like
> what we ever did at MeeGo, is also good, since that is easy for user to use
> compared to introduce much extra code to call Dbus.
I *think* I've understood that the CAPI provided by NTB will cover the various and different needs of all profiles. Exactly how it does it is not clear to me yet. Do you have an API that's been defined already that you could add to the wiki. It would help clarify many questions.

We need to have a clear recommendation on what APIs people should use. Going through the thread, it appears that one would be missing out on some key multi-user and security check and enforcement points if by-passing NTB and going straight to BlueZ, ConnMan, oFono, etc. as you suggest. If true, we shouldn't advise people to do it. Even leaving the multi-user and security aspects aside for a minute, I'd be concerned by having two distinct entities trying to manage the same set of services independently. There are some operations that fail today is you use 'connmanctl' while 'net-config' is running.

Will you provide a utility (similar to what 'connmanctl' provides for ConnMan) that users and developers can leverage when no UI is available?

> So as to NAP(Tethering), it is exported from ConnMan, and Tizen use Mobile-
> AP-Agent to wrap the ConnMan interface, and we are working on WiNet
> project to optimize it. currently, you can just use Mobile-AP-Agent. I think
> that part IVI can share Tizen Mobile work.
Same question as above regarding a command-line utility but for WiNet, will you provide one?

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