[Dev] Crosswalk is now available for arm architecture

Philippe Coval philippe.coval at open.eurogiciel.org
Mon May 26 11:34:55 GMT 2014

On 05/26/2014 01:00 PM, Roman Kubiak wrote:
> I got it installed on M0, and trying to access a URL this is what i get:
> root at localhost:~# uname -a
> Linux localhost 3.10.33-01471-g6fa6671 #31 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 13 
> 17:40:52 CEST 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux
> root at localhost:~# xwalk http://google.com
> [1231/171147:INFO:desktop_factory_wayland.cc(15)] Ozone: 
> DesktopFactoryWayland
> [1231/171147:INFO:desktop_factory_wayland.cc(15)] Ozone: 
> DesktopFactoryWayland
> [1231/171147:ERROR:gl_surface_egl.cc(132)] eglInitialize failed with 
> error UNKNOWN

Hi thank you for testing

It looks like you're facing the similar troubles I have on linux-suxi
Can you check a few things :

It would help , if we could manage to use software rendreding for now

Let me drop some of my notes at :



I noticed that opengl-mali-ddk-r3p2-wayland.tar.gz is still linking with 

Usage :

   modprobe -v mali
   modprobe -v mali-drm

  mailto:philippe.coval at eurogiciel.fr  --  gpg:0x467094BC
  xmpp:philippe.coval.pro at gmail.com

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