[Dev] New Tizen Bluetooth Framwork (NTB) wiki page

Xu, Martin martin.xu at intel.com
Mon May 26 16:52:21 GMT 2014

> We need to have a clear recommendation on what APIs people should use. Going
> through the thread, it appears that one would be missing out on some key
> multi-user and security check and enforcement points if by-passing NTB and
> going straight to BlueZ, ConnMan, oFono, etc. as you suggest. If true, we
> shouldn't advise people to do it. Even leaving the multi-user and security
> aspects aside for a minute, I'd be concerned by having two distinct entities
> trying to manage the same set of services independently. There are some
> operations that fail today is you use 'connmanctl' while 'net-config' is
> running.
> Will you provide a utility (similar to what 'connmanctl' provides for
> ConnMan) that users and developers can leverage when no UI is available?
You can download the code, and have a look at the test directory.
And at developing mode, it can run at PC(Ubuntu). 
So as the security check, I think NTB does not handle that.
It should be handled above of CAPI at Tizen service daemon?
> >
> > So as to NAP(Tethering), it is exported from ConnMan, and Tizen use
> > Mobile- AP-Agent to wrap the ConnMan interface, and we are working on
> > WiNet project to optimize it. currently, you can just use
> > Mobile-AP-Agent. I think that part IVI can share Tizen Mobile work.
> Same question as above regarding a command-line utility but for WiNet, will
> you provide one?
We will have the same test code there. 

> Thanks,
> Geoffroy

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