[Dev] [Tizen General] How can I remove "-O2" flag when I build project for GBS?

고하윤 shauku at naver.com
Mon May 26 06:59:10 GMT 2014

Hello. I'm trying to build Tizen Telephony module with changed gcc option. I want to change optimization level, so I'm trying to apply -Os option for compilation. 
I've checked several .conf files but could not find where to change for the value "__global_cflags' .  
I've googled and found an old article :  
and it suggested to change /var/tmp/<user>-gbs/tizen.conf file. So I've tried but I could not find "__global_cflags" section there.  
Please let me know how to control compilation option for gbs. 
Thanks and Regards.  
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