[Dev] Crosswalk is now available for arm architecture

Philippe Coval philippe.coval at open.eurogiciel.org
Tue May 27 16:40:36 GMT 2014

On 05/27/2014 06:22 PM, Roman Kubiak wrote:
> I got it working roday on M0 (exynos4412 , armv7l + MALI). It works 
> nicely, some things are missing ((can't play any videos in it, don't 
> know if that should be available), i tried the webgl test but that 
> didn't seem to run (although the page says that webgl is available in 
> my browser). I'm running this on the latest 3.10 kernel from tizen.org 
> and the common image for arm, with added MALI drivers.
> best regards
great news please give details on your kernel configuration
and which version of driver do you use

I wish this driver could also support A20 armv7l too
but using exynos4412 seems best

I added a few info at :

For video, it's pretty hard to help you without the board

Do you know where to get one or if someone can sell some at TDC too?


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