[Dev] Common/Generic profile images usability

Stanislav Vorobiov s.vorobiov at samsung.com
Thu May 29 08:10:55 GMT 2014


Yes, I'm aware of Virgil3D. Virgil3D has a completely different codebase and approach (gallium passthrough /w TGSI shaders, while YaGL is OpenGL ES passthrough /w GLSL shaders),
so it's not possible (and doesn't make sense) to merge them together.
IMO both approaches have their own pros and cons and have the right to coexist. Also, for Virgil3D there's still a lot of work to do
and even more to support all tizen profiles as well as host OSes and GPUs that need to be supported by tizen sdk. Anyway, I think it
would be great to contribute to Virgil3D, but that will not be related to YaGL in any way


On 05/28/2014 08:22 PM, Rafał Krypa wrote:
> Hi,
> Out of curiosity I searched the web for similar projects and found something called Virgil 3D (http://virgil3d.github.io). Do you think that it would be possible and desirable to merge YaGL with it?
> On 2014-05-26 08:37, Stanislav Vorobiov wrote:
>> Hi,
>> What kind of upstream are we talking about exactly ? emulator-yagl is a user-mode OpenGL implementation which we use in qemu, it has no upstream,
>> it's a project of it's own. There're upstreams for qemu and kernel however and we haven't tried to push anything there, but what difference does it make ?
>> Even if qemu and kernel parts of YaGL/VIGS were in upstream, you would still had to manage emulator-yagl package as you do now.
>>> it seems to me that patching the various components is creating a number of issues that could be avoided.
>> IMHO for emulator user-space we only need to install emulator-yagl instead of mesa, what else do we need to patch ?
>> On 05/23/2014 10:05 PM, Yu, Max A wrote:
>>> My current understanding is that, we use YaGL/VIGS solution to support wayland in qemu, and that solution requires to have emulator-yagl. Perhaps this is due to that YaGL features have not been accepted by upstream currently? 
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>>> Excuse my ignorance on the topic, but why do we *have to* have emulator-yagl that provides something similar than MESA?
>>> I think we should really work a plan to get all the YaGL/VIGS bits and pieces upstream, it seems to me that patching the various components is creating a number of issues that could be avoided.
>>> My 2, uneducated, cents,
>>> Geoffroy

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