[Dev] Problems with request submissions to the OBS

Jian-feng Ding jian-feng.ding at intel.com
Thu May 29 09:42:38 GMT 2014


Hasan has helped to check the logs in server, and found the possible reason,
as below:

   Upload _service file to replace update package to OBS Upload service file
   Unable to upload _service to Tizen:Mobile:build: <obs>can't commit files to
   Tizen:Mobile:build/privilege-checker: HTTP Error 404: Not Found Build step
   'Execute shell' marked build as failure Build step 'Groovy Postbuild' marked
   build as failure
   Finished: FAILURE

   That's because the privilege-checker package in Tizen:Mobile:build project
   doesn't clean up, there's no _service file. The package still maintained in old
   style, delete the the privilege-checker project might fix this issue. But, I have
   no such a privilege, you can contact the Release engineer to ask help.


On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 05:30:19PM +0200, Jacek Bukarewicz wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I tried to submit several packages to the OBS, however I
> failed with some of them, namely:
> platform/core/security/privilege-checker
> platform/core/security/privacy-manager
> To make the submit request I ran this command
> gbs submit -m <message>
> It works partially - submit/tizen/... tags were created and pushed
> successfully to the remote repo, but I don't see proper request in
> build.tizen.org or in tizen-submit mailing list:
> https://lists.tizen.org/pipermail/tizen-submit/2014-May/thread.html
> I followed similar procedure for platform/core/security/cert-svc
> package and this time submit request was triggered as expected.
> Does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Do I need to
> perform any additional steps?
> I suppose that configuration that controls which OBS projects are
> notified when certain tag is pushed is located in
> git://review.tizen.org/scm/git-obs-mapping, but its content looks
> fine.
> Best regards,
> -- 
> Jacek Bukarewicz
> Samsung R&D Institute Poland
> Samsung Electronics
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