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Stanislav Vorobiov s.vorobiov at samsung.com
Fri May 30 14:58:59 GMT 2014

So, I got crosswalk working on emulator, the problem wasn't in input after all, it was
due to this: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=178166

So the solution is to run xwalk like this:

xwalk --disable-gpu-sandbox http://google.com

I've tried few pages and 2 WebGL demos: WebGL acquarium and Q3A all seem to work fine
and performance seems fine too.

We do need one small patch for YaGL however - one regarding GL_ARB_texture_rectangle, I'll push
that next week after proper testing on all host platforms/GPUs.


On 05/29/2014 07:39 PM, Stanislav Vorobiov wrote:
> The problem was indeed with input, after I disabled all input devices except touchscreen
> that problem disappeared. The most important bit is disabling
> all keyboard devices (both virtio keyboard and hw keys such as volume up/down, etc.) and
> a mouse.
> After that next problem was met, it seems that crosswalk uses GL_ARB_texture_rectangle
> extension without checking for it, our qemu currently supports only GL_OES_texture_npot,
> this is required by Tizen according to this - https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Porting_Guide/Graphics_and_UI
> GL_ARB_texture_rectangle is not required, so it wasn't implemented. I guess we'll have to implement it
> just for xwalk. Anyway, no big deal, this isn't too much work.
> But just in case, is there any way to tell crosswalk not to use it or at least make crosswalk check for
> extensions before use ?
> On 05/29/2014 12:22 PM, Stanislav Vorobiov wrote:
>> After installing crosswalk debug packages I was able to get more detailed stack trace,
>> it looks like the problem is related to input:
>> #0  0xb7fff424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
>> #1  0x421c32d6 in raise () from /lib/libc.so.6
>> #2  0x421c4993 in abort () from /lib/libc.so.6
>> #3  0x080e3f84 in base::debug::BreakDebugger ()
>>     at ../../base/debug/debugger_posix.cc:259
>> #4  0x080ae6dd in logging::LogMessage::~LogMessage (this=0xbfffeb9c,
>>     __in_chrg=<optimized out>) at ../../base/logging.cc:658
>> #5  0x0a051684 in ui::IMEStateChangeHandler::SetInstance (impl=0xbe8db10)
>>     at ../../ozone/ui/events/ime_state_change_handler.cc:26
>> #6  0x0a053b95 in ozonewayland::WaylandInputDevice::WaylandInputDevice (
>>     this=0xbe8db10, display=0xbe56e40, id=11)
>>     at ../../ozone/wayland/input_device.cc:143
>> #7  0x0a051e88 in ozonewayland::WaylandDisplay::DisplayHandleGlobal (
>>     data=0xbe56e40, registry=0xbe8d9f0, name=11, interface=<optimized out>,
>>     version=3) at ../../ozone/wayland/display.cc:304
>> #8  0x427bb666 in ffi_call_SYSV () from /lib/libffi.so.6
>> #9  0x427bb3eb in ffi_call () from /lib/libffi.so.6
>> #10 0x432673a5 in wl_closure_invoke () from /lib/libwayland-client.so.0
>> #11 0x43264973 in dispatch_queue () from /lib/libwayland-client.so.0
>> #12 0x432656d0 in wl_display_dispatch_queue () from /lib/libwayland-client.so.0
>> #13 0x432657b2 in wl_display_dispatch () from /lib/libwayland-client.so.0
>> #14 0x4326583c in wl_display_roundtrip () from /lib/libwayland-client.so.0
>> #15 0x0a05255c in ozonewayland::WaylandDisplay::WaylandDisplay (
>> ...
>> the assert is here:
>> void EventFactoryOzoneWayland::SetInstance(EventFactoryOzoneWayland* impl) {
>>   CHECK(!impl_) << "Replacing set EventFactoryOzoneWayland implementation.";
>>   impl_ = impl;
>> }
>> Does anyone who is more experienced with crosswalk have any idea why does this happen ?
>> On 05/28/2014 02:06 PM, Stanislav Vorobiov wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>> I noticed that QT doesn't know about touch events in the qemu window, EFL apps seem to handle that, but QT does not.
>>> qemu has a touchscreen and it doesn't have a mouse. It seems to me that Qt apps currently handle only mouse events and
>>> ignore touch events. Can someone verify this ?
>>>> xwalk does not start, it just logs a lot of not-implemented calls and segfaults.
>>> I'm currently looking into this, I'll let you know when I have some progress
>>> On 05/19/2014 07:36 PM, Roman Kubiak wrote:
>>>> Small update.
>>>> I got GL to work in qemu, but weston is running as root, still don't know what additional permissions/capabilities weston needs to run as the display user.
>>>> I noticed that QT doesn't know about touch events in the qemu window, EFL apps seem to handle that, but QT does not.
>>>> xwalk does not start, it just logs a lot of not-implemented calls and segfaults.
>>>> I'm using the common image from 19.05, 32bits with additional (forced) installation of emulator-yagl.
>>>> best regards
>>>> On 05/13/2014 05:25 PM, Roman Kubiak wrote:
>>>>> I downloaded the latest available common/generic images (common with wayland and generic with Xorg), but neither of those show any GUI (i'm using vmware-player to run the images). They start, the system is booting to the "Graphical Interfcae" target,
>>>>> but the window manager service is failing (btw, the SMACK rule loading service is failing too because it assumes that smackfs is mount at /smack, and it's not it's at /sys/fs/smackfs).
>>>>> Could someone tell me what is the default behaviour for those profiles. Should some sort of UI show up so I could test applications/widgets on those profiles, maybe i need to install some additional packages to get this running ?
>>>>> best regards
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