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Jones, Brian J brian.j.jones at intel.com
Fri May 30 20:37:04 GMT 2014

Oh and another option is to point your zypper repo to http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/ivi/ivi/latest/repos/ivi/ia32/packages .  You’ll then be able to zypper install crosswalk.

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Hi Art,

You can get it from https://crosswalk-project.org/#documentation/downloads in rpm form, rather than building it yourself.  The current IVI images will have it pre-installed.

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Subject: Installing crosswalk

I've been working on installing crosswalk on an NDIS166.  I'm using gbs to build the package on Ubuntu 12.04.  It is taking quite some time currently running the script that came from the cloned repository.  It seems stuck

[1:06:43] Still working on:
[1:06:43]   src

I'm currently letting it run.  I'm Running Jan15th EOY release of Tizen IVI.  Is there a binary rpm I can use to install on this platform.  I've tried using zypper but I don't know what package that might be in zypper.

Thanks in advance for all your assistance.  I really want to start moving our projects to crosswalk.

Art McGee
Infotainment Engineer
Jaguar Land Rover
One World Trade Center, 121 Southwest Salmon Street, 11th Floor, Portland, Oregon, 97204

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