[Dev] GDBUS implementation using KDBUS - Any news on this ?

Frederik Lotter frederik.lotter at mixtelematics.com
Fri Oct 3 08:27:29 GMT 2014

On 3 October 2014 09:54, Lukasz Skalski <l.skalski at samsung.com> wrote:

> On 10/03/2014 09:37 AM, Frederik Lotter wrote:
>> Hi All,
> Hi,
>  I saw some work was done testing an initial implementation of GDBUS on
>> top of KDBUS.
>> This was end of last year that I saw some patches appearing on the
>> mailing list.
>> Can anyone give me an idea of whether any further work or testing was
>> done on this? We are planning to use the GDBUS binding for DBUS in our
>> firmware, but I am hoping that the faster KDBUS implementation would be
>> available by the end of 2015 so we can release a product using the
>> faster implementation, and allow us to use the same interface for more
>> data intensive application when future functionality needs to be added.
>> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Here you can find all information on the current 'kdbus support in GLib'
> status:
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=721861

Thank you do much for your quick reply and the bug reference.

I would like to ask one high level question please. I am currently using
GDBus and  GDBus-codegen in our IPC framework. Once we switch to a kdbus
capable GDBus implementation, how much would I have to change in the
application GDBus code (using the DBUS system bus for process communication
between our own application processes)? From what I can gather reading
through the bug description, it feels like standard GDBus-codegen code
should still work transparently ... this is what I am hoping for.


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