[Dev] [Tizen Product-dev] Tizen on MIPS arch

Philippe Coval philippe.coval at open.eurogiciel.org
Fri Oct 3 09:39:56 GMT 2014

On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 5:29 AM, N S S R Murthy
<nssr.murthy at inedasystems.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> (Probably I should be referring this mail to Qiang Zhang)
> We are trying to bring up Tizen on MIPS platform. For that we need to update
> the gbs to support MIPS architecture and toolchains.

neat !

This is something I care because I am trying to make Tizen:Common
supporting many different hardware
to make sure the system is not arch oriented and can be a solid base
for generic development...

Let me reference your project on this page I am drafting to ease cross
profile kernel packaging


> As of now in build system, I figured gbs/gitbuildsys/cmd_build.py file needs
> to be changed to add MIPS support.
> We have kernel built Tizen configuration and bootloader for the MIPS
> platform we are using.

Which version is it ? do you plan to share the source as community contrib ?
what about the targeted machine

Let me remind Tizen:Common requirements to be supported :

* need to have SMACK enabled
* need to be based on linux lts 3.14.+ (next ltsi?)
* need hw graphics (drm , egl...)

> We have MIPS toolchain binaries, which need to be
> packed into RPMs and put into pre-built/toolchain-mips folder.

Yea I think this is the 1st thing to achieve,
do you indent to use obs/gbs or yocto ?
1st one is current tizen build system .

> Can you please guide me what else needs to be done and how the changes can
> be tested comprehensively before we use this MIPS supported gbs to compile
> Tizen.

I dont see any easier way that bootstraping your own OBS server (using qemu)
or deploy it to a MIPS farm

> And please point us to any related documentation on extending Tizen and gbs
> for other architectures.

I dont know any yet . but I know who can help you ,

So I invite you to report a "wish" tizen tracker and try to attract
their attention.

Good luck

ps: let's move the conversation to dev list ...

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