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N S S R Murthy nssr.murthy at inedasystems.com
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Hi Philippe, 

We are using 3.10.5 Kernel which we have already used to bring up Android on our platform. 
We have disabled the Android specific configurations and rebuilt it with TIzen_defconfig. We'll check the feasibility of using 3.14 kernel with SMACK enabled. We have DRM enabled but still need to integrate the PowerVR driver to it. 

Our goal as of today is bring up Tizen 2.2 Mobile. We see that in repos, it is using 3.0 kernel. 
We surely plan to contribute to the community. But it can take sometime as we still have to bring up our platform. 
I cannot say on whether we maintain our platform specific patches ourselves or make them available through mainstream. That's management decision still pending. 

On your suggestion, I have create a request on JIRA here: https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1690. 

I have tried to some local Tizen builds with Tizen 2.2 for armv7l and I am stuck with errors. I have posted that in a different thread: https://lists.tizen.org/pipermail/dev/2014-October/004390.html. 
Please suggest on that as well. 

Murthy NSSR 

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> Hi All, 
> (Probably I should be referring this mail to Qiang Zhang) 
> We are trying to bring up Tizen on MIPS platform. For that we need to update 
> the gbs to support MIPS architecture and toolchains. 

neat ! 

This is something I care because I am trying to make Tizen:Common 
supporting many different hardware 
to make sure the system is not arch oriented and can be a solid base 
for generic development... 

Let me reference your project on this page I am drafting to ease cross 
profile kernel packaging 


> As of now in build system, I figured gbs/gitbuildsys/cmd_build.py file needs 
> to be changed to add MIPS support. 
> We have kernel built Tizen configuration and bootloader for the MIPS 
> platform we are using. 

Which version is it ? do you plan to share the source as community contrib ? 
what about the targeted machine 

Let me remind Tizen:Common requirements to be supported : 

* need to have SMACK enabled 
* need to be based on linux lts 3.14.+ (next ltsi?) 
* need hw graphics (drm , egl...) 

> We have MIPS toolchain binaries, which need to be 
> packed into RPMs and put into pre-built/toolchain-mips folder. 

Yea I think this is the 1st thing to achieve, 
do you indent to use obs/gbs or yocto ? 
1st one is current tizen build system . 

> Can you please guide me what else needs to be done and how the changes can 
> be tested comprehensively before we use this MIPS supported gbs to compile 
> Tizen. 

I dont see any easier way that bootstraping your own OBS server (using qemu) 
or deploy it to a MIPS farm 

> And please point us to any related documentation on extending Tizen and gbs 
> for other architectures. 

I dont know any yet . but I know who can help you , 

So I invite you to report a "wish" tizen tracker and try to attract 
their attention. 

Good luck 

ps: let's move the conversation to dev list ... 

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