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Andrii Boichuk andrii.boichuk at globallogic.com
Fri Oct 3 10:26:16 GMT 2014

Hi all again!
N S S R Murthy,
For mips support we modified gbs, depanneur, mic and upstream zypper and
qemu. That's all as I remember.
Now it's hard to say how much time exactly did we spent for mips support.
It took us nearly a month  and 2-3 people working to have basic console
support. Keep in mind that as far as we know, we where the first one to do
this, and it will take significly less time to do this after us.

To all:
As discussed earlier, I'm asking for help with contribution of mips
So, about what we would like to know in order to contribute mips support:
where are those repos we need to contribute to?
what the proces of contribution? do we need just to contribute our changes
to gerrit or also create some task for them?

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