[Dev] [Tizen Product-dev] Tizen on MIPS arch

Philippe Coval philippe.coval at open.eurogiciel.org
Mon Oct 6 06:48:02 GMT 2014

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 8:21 AM, N S S R Murthy
<nssr.murthy at inedasystems.com> wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> This is a priority question. We are more focused on Tizen wear.

ok then I guess you want to build this profile :


Make sure you have every sources because IICR there are binary blobs (ARMv7l)
in this profile

> If we go ahead with Tizen 3.0 common and 3.14 Kernel, we can get the base
> work required for bringing up Tizen wear.
> But there seems to be no Tizen wear profile on Tizen 3.0 till now.

None I know at least

> Any time lines for it? By when we can see Tizen wearable profile on Tizen
> 3.0.

Sorry I don't know any, may others in this list give you better hints
I can only help you to have MIPS support for Tizen:Common
in hope it will be available for downstream profiles (ie: IVI at the moment)

Good luck
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