[Dev] [Tizen:Common] 'app' user removal

Stoppa, Igor igor.stoppa at intel.com
Mon Oct 6 12:06:45 GMT 2014

On 6 October 2014 14:39, Baptiste Durand
<baptiste.durand at open.eurogiciel.org> wrote:

> You are rigth.
> You are talking about the autoamtoc pre looged user correct?
> IVI guest should have access only to a sub set of common applciations.
> And don't have the capabilities to install ( etc ...) some applications for
> itself or for the system
> Yes, the status "guest" of this user is not handled yet by Tizen, it is
> planned.

I am merely expecting that the system integrator who will create a
Tizen product will have own specific definition of "guest", if any.
In this context the IVI vertical is a meta-product, so ther eare
actually 2 levels of system integrators, on top of common:
- the IVI architect(s)
- whoever decides to take the IVI vertical and turn it into a product

So the definition of "guest" used by the system integrators from above
should not be mixed with the one used in common.

Depending on the vertical (it might be something else than IVI) and
product, the system integrator might even decide to be more liberal
with what is allowed to the user.

The point I'm trying to make is that using generic names, such as
"guest" or "app", should be discouraged.

cheers, igor

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