[Dev] [Tizen:Common] 'app' user removal

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Mon Oct 6 13:48:49 GMT 2014

On 6.10.2014 14:39, Baptiste Durand wrote:
> You are rigth.
> You are talking about the autoamtoc pre looged user correct?
> IVI guest should have access only to a sub set of common applciations.
> And don't have the capabilities to install ( etc ...) some applications
> for itself or for the system
> Yes, the status "guest" of this user is not handled yet by Tizen, it is
> planned.

tlm+gumd already handle "guest" users, such as cleaning up the home and 
such. Tlm calls these users with generic term "default user". These can 
be configured per seat.

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