[Dev] Gumd and security-manager integration

Dominig ar Foll (Intel OTC) dominig.arfoll at fridu.net
Tue Oct 7 11:43:25 GMT 2014

Le 07/10/2014 13:30, Jussi Laako a écrit :
> On 7.10.2014 13:47, Rafał Krypa wrote:
>> It seems that proposal for hook support in gumd failed, so we cannot 
>> rely on this either.
> Script hook support was added. Post-user-add scripts are in 
> /etc/gumd/useradd.d and pre-user-delete are in /etc/gumd/userdel.d. 
> There are also corresponding groupadd.d and groupdel.d directories.
Proposition from Rafal is far more resistant to potential failure as the 
addition of user is done under the control of the security manager and 
the risk unstable state resulting from a failure (such as power lost) is 
>> I have an idea for doing it better that I'd like to discuss: provide 
>> user management API in security-manager and let security-manager call 
>> gumd. This is consistent with the general concept for 
>> security-manager and would add just one more security mechanism for 
>> it to handle. Then all Tizen logic for
>> user management could be implemented there, keeping gumd generic and 
>> free of Tizen-specific hacks. Consistency of user configuration would 
>> be easy to handle.
>> What do you think about it? Please share your comments.
> I don't mind this, as long as we don't end up in long chains (deep 
> layering)... gumd interface is still of course there, so it is up to 
> integrator to decide how they want to do things.
I do agree that the chain should not be long and slow but I disagree on 
the idea to leave a security related architecture choice to the platform 
I we encapsulate user creation and removal in the security manager, we 
shall restrict those call to the security manager.


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