[Dev] [Tizen:Common] removing the oprofile from the Tizen Common profile

김주영 j0.kim at samsung.com
Tue Oct 7 14:00:52 GMT 2014

Dear all 

I am a leading developer of Tizen SDK Dynamic Analyzer.
We had decided not to support the Oprofile anymore from the Tizen SDK 2.3 and later.
Because the Dynamic Analyzer in the Tizen SDK 2.3 have the function profiling feature that can cover the oprofile feature in the Native IDE of Tizen SDK 2.2.
So I will remove the oprofile from the Tizen Common profile, too.
It is a nonsense to have it in the common profile, because there is no official tizen tools or SDK that use the oprofile.
If there are some platform developers who want to utilize ‘oprofile’ in emulator or real device, they can install it to the platform image by themselves.

Best regards
JuYoung Kim

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