[Dev] [Tizen:Common] 'app' user removal

José Bollo jose.bollo at open.eurogiciel.org
Wed Oct 8 07:19:41 GMT 2014

On mer, 2014-10-08 at 07:02 +0200, Lukasz Wojciechowski wrote:
> >
> If Rafal's proposal of usage of security-manager (Gumd and 
> security-manager integration) will be done, then the security-manager 
> MUST be used to create users both in runtime and during image creation. 
> If during image creation gumd is not present security-manager can make 
> use of useradd.
> Best regards
> Lukasz


It is just starting to be more and more complicated!

How can we write spec files to access the correct user manager? It will
depend on the stage of installation of the rpm during image creation.

IMHO there are two options:
- just calling 'useradd', assuming that it will switch to the current
- provide a security-manager-user/group/add/del and change all spec
files to use it.

Because the former is "agnostic", it is my preferred.

Best regards
José Bollo

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