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Zhang, Zhengguang zhengguang.zhang at intel.com
Wed Oct 8 08:49:49 GMT 2014

Hi, Dominique
By our investigation, you will see the code(of the first phrase) in 2 weeks.

Zhang Zhengguang

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happy to see that you have plan to deliver the required feature.
When will we see the code ?

"Nicolas Guyomard" <nicolas.guyomard at open.eurogiciel.org><mailto:nicolas.guyomard at open.eurogiciel.org> will be the engineer in charge of the integration in Common once your code is ready.
He is present on this list.


Dominig ar Foll

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Le 08/10/2014 10:03, Zhang, Zhengguang a écrit :
Hi, Dominique
After our investigation about how to implement WiNet multi-user requirements, we found that it's the right way to implement it in ConnMan, the reason is described below:

1.       ConnMan is the real connection manager daemon, and it should handle multi-user related stuff logically. WiNet service daemon is only a slim daemon which is designed to make some background operations, such as trigger periodically scan, tethering data statistics and son on.

2.       ConnMan has already supported a feature "Session" which can be used to implement multi-user, but we found that it's not mature enough and a little too complicated, after a balance about the schedule and the solution, our proposal solution is:

1). At the first phrase, add ConnMan patches ourselves to implement multi-user and maintain them in Tizen ConnMan, by our investigation, we only need less than 5 patches to implement the requirement. It's not a problem to maintain the related patches in Tizen and not submit them to upstream, actually, we have already maintained more than 20 patches in Tizen ConnMan to meet Samsung specific requirements, which can't be merged into ConnMan upstream. So Tizen ConnMan is a little different with upstream Connman: upstream ConnMan is common to every platform, but Tizen ConnMan is specific for Tizen platform.

2). At the second phrase, when multi-user requirements is nailed down completely and ConnMan session is mature, we will continue to investigate it and try to switch the solution to ConnMan session.

Currently at the first stage, we will submit the related patches to gerrit, we will add you guys as the reviewers, any suggestions about it, feel free to let me know, thanks!

Zhang Zhengguang

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