[Dev] Issues with latest emulator image on qemu-yagl

Monika Kistler monika.kistler at oss.bmw-carit.de
Wed Oct 8 09:01:30 GMT 2014

Hi everyone,

I used to run the Tizen IVI Emulator image on an openSUSE 13.1 system
using qemu-yagl as described on the Wiki page

Then I wanted to switch from
to the latest daily

But now I don't get any UI anymore. From the kernel logs I see that the
kernel does boot. Comparing the kernel logs of both versions I can't see
any relevant differences.

I guess the important thing is, that with the older version I see some
output "yagl: 0 opened" and "yagl: 1 opened" which I don't get with the
newer version.

This is my run command, that worked with the older version:

./i386-softmmu/qemu-system-i386 \
-drive file=./data/tizen-ivi.x86,if=virtio,index=1 \
-drive file=./data/swap.x86,if=virtio,index=2 \
-boot c \
-append 'console=ttyS0 root=/dev/sda rw video=LVDS-1:1280x1024-32 at 60
ip=' \
-serial file:./data/kernel.log \
-m 1024 \
-M pc \
-kernel ./data/bzImage \
-enable-kvm \
-smp `grep -c 'cpu cores' /proc/cpuinfo` \
-vga none \
-display sdl \
-soundhw all \
-net nic,model=virtio \
-net user,hostfwd=tcp::6666-:22 \
-device vigs \
-device yagl $@ 1>./data/qemu.log 2>&1

Does anyone have any insights here? Do I miss some arguments?


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