[Dev] Improving application database

Puustinen, Ismo ismo.puustinen at intel.com
Thu Oct 9 06:56:17 GMT 2014


We have an open bug about ICO homescreen having a set of extra
properties for applications in a configuration file (TC-1634). Murphy is
acting as the new IVI system controller and is responsible for providing
ICO homescreen the policy services it needs; this requires reading and
parsing the property file and understanding the file content semantics.
However, having information relating to the applications in multiple
databases (AIL, ICO homescreen configuration, Murphy configuration,
perhaps elsewhere) seems tedious, error-prone, and vulnerable to data
inconsistencies. Having data in multiple places makes it especially very
difficult to update during application installation and uninstallation.

AIL already contains support for reading key-value property pairs for a
set of fixed keys. No new keys can be added to AIL database without
recompilation, since keys are defined as database columns, and there is
no mechanism for setting values to individual keys.

I propose that we extend AIL to include support for arbitrary key-value
pairs for every application in the database. Some extra API functions
would need to be added for setting the values and querying their types.
Also the internal AIL database schema would need to be changed. The
"political" part of this change would include documenting the well-known
keys and their meanings in a wiki, and the agreement to store the static
data related to applications in the AIL application database.

I'm interested in hearing if there is interest for such a feature, and
if it is already in planning? Or maybe there is another solution to this
problem that I don't know about? Thanks for all input!


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