[Dev] ToyBox task

Jan Cybulski j.cybulski at samsung.com
Mon Oct 13 08:41:58 GMT 2014

Hello, Dominique and Xavier,

I am Tizen developer in Samsung Electronics,
I got a task from Tomasz Swierczek to add smack aware code to ToyBox.
He gave me contact to You as people in charge for this on Intel side.

I would like to start working on this and ask which repository should I 
work with, and what is the required schedule for this task?

Aslo : Is wiki site for this up to date? 
(https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Toybox) Especially I mean the list of toys 
that are still to be changed by adding security-related functionalities. 
I would like to avoid duplication if some work is done already or is 
performed right now.

Best regards,
Jan Cybulski

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