[Dev] Unable to clone from Tizen 3.0 common snapshot

N S S R Murthy nssr.murthy at inedasystems.com
Mon Oct 13 09:16:46 GMT 2014


I haven't tried cloning separate trees. But I see errors like this when I do "repo sync -j 16". 
It seems some of the git trees which are there in the manifest are not actually existing or not reachable. 

* [new tag] upstream/0.5.5 -> upstream/0.5.5 
fatal: Not a git repository: '/home/mnssr/work/workspace/tizen/tizen_3.0_common/.repo/projects/platform/upstream/patch.git' 
error: Cannot fetch platform/upstream/patch 

Murthy NSSR. 

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On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 4:55 AM, Lv, RuiX <ruix.lv at intel.com> wrote: 
> Hi Murphy, 
> `repo sync –j 16` can speed up the synchronizing process a lot, please have 
> a try. 
> In the meantime, I’m synchronizing the same source and will update you on 
> progress later. 


Are or were you able to clone a single tree ? 

Because I can't , so I reopened this "git/gerrit is slow again" bug : 


Maybe you're facing a different issue, but this one is also a blocker for you 

I'll report the status on the upper mentioned bug 


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