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Hi Mechin Bruno,


With Rafal (Security-Manager) and Lukasz Wojciechowski  (working on Cynara) we’ve just come up with task list, we’re working on schedule and we’d like to share it, of course. Making Crosswalk run with security integration to allow per-user/global app installation and launch is our goal for Common release in December.




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Hi All,

As we have an agreement, It will be very useful to provide schedule to implementing, integrating and validating these feature.
So,  José, Rafal, would you mind providing us such schedule ? 

Best regards, Cordialement
Tizen project 

Le 13/10/2014 18:50, Rafał Krypa a écrit :

On 2014-10-09 14:23, José Bollo wrote:

Hi all,
During recent F2F of the security team, we had long discussion about the
packages that have more than one application.
There are some more decisions to finalize this behaviour. One of this
decision is to define the directory layout of the installation. There
are several choices.
Suppose a package whose id is PKG that have two applications whose ids
inside the package are APP1 and APP2. The global ids of these two
applications are GAPP1 and GPP2, they are computed on the base of the
pairs (PKG, APP1) and (PKG, APP2), for example: PKG.APP1 or PKG:APP1.
When installing the package into the directory APPSDIR, what structure
will be chosen?
IIRC, the choice (2) was pointed out during F2F, but I'm not sure that
it was really discussed. Do you confirm? What would be best?

The final proposal was based on the choice [1]. The separate directory level for pkgId is necessary for file exchange between applications inside the package.
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