[Dev] v4l-utils update on Tizen

Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at osg.samsung.com
Tue Oct 14 12:32:39 GMT 2014


I'm the media Kernel maintainer upstream and one of the upstream maintainers
for v4l-utils.

I'd to have the v4l-utils package updated on Tizen, but I don't know to
whom this should be requested.

The v4l-utils package at Tizen is using a very old version (0.8.9), lastly
updated on Aug, 2013:

We're currently at version 1.6.0 upstream.

The libv4l API didn't change from version 0.8.9 to 1.6.0, although several
bugs and issues got fixed. So, I wouldn't expect any breakage on existing
applications that might be using it. Of course, testing may be needed.

Yet, the really big difference is that the dvbv5 applications actually work
at version 1.6.0. At 0.8.9, they were really new and very experimental,
and only tested with very few standards. Among the things that don't work
is the ATSC standard, with is being used to define the Tizen TV profile.

Also, the dvbv5-apps was broken into a library and the utils, and the
library got completely documented using Doxygen:

I did a port of version 1.6.0 to Tizen and added to a temporary
repository at linuxtv.org (where we store the upstream repo for v4l-utils):

The package compiles fine with Tizen 3.0 with gbs, although this is my
first Tizen packaging. So, it would be great if someone with more experience
could review it. The v4l-utils.spec is partially based on what was
there at 0.8.9 and the one I use when packaging it for Fedora.

Is there a way to either rebase or to replace the Tizen package by a
version 1.6.0?


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