[Dev] OAUTH and gSSO using the web api.

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Hello Art,

examples/sso.html is probably not the best starting point.

You can start by going through the gsso introduction and usage examples that are provided here:

Once you went through the usage examples (and got them to work), you can read the source code of gsso-example.c to find out what it’s actually doing. The web API maps to the C API pretty much 1 to 1, so you should be able to replicate the functionality without a lot of difficulty. We’re here to answer any questions you have (and yes, there should also be a web app that demonstrates some real-life usage scenario such as doing oauth2 authorization with google – we didn’t get to it yet).


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I'm looking to test gSSO and OAUTH api in the web api.  I need some direction.

I am currently using https://review.tizen.org/git/?p=platform/framework/web/tizen-extensions-crosswalk.git;a=blob;f=examples/sso.html;h=9cab8e5919c75be4a9c41afb01a5712f7d5ce8b4;hb=refs/heads/tizen for code example to use SSO.  I'm not sure how to use this interface and I'm wondering if I need some permissions setup in the config.xml for the tizen web app.  I've installed the Oct 12th Daily release for this testing.  I also could use some guide to show how to use this for OAUTH 2.0.  I can attach the wigit.

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