[Dev] Finished the multi-user BT phase1 source code and the related test report

Patrick Ohly patrick.ohly at intel.com
Fri Oct 17 06:35:47 GMT 2014

[Bluetooth Framework New Generation and implications for Tizen this

On Thu, 2014-10-16 at 07:33 +0000, Zheng, Wu wrote:
> I have tested the source code. It matches the requirements of
> multi-user BT phase1.
> Please check the following BT test results.
> a. UserA and UserB is in IVI. DeviceA is the remote BT devices.
> 1. UserA paired with DeviceA.
> UserA can audio connect with DeviceA.
> UserA can hid connect with DeviceA.
> UserA can socket connect with DeviceA.
> UserA can send files to DeviceA.
> ......
> 2. At the same time, userB can't audio connect with DeviceA.
> UserB can't hid connect with DeviceA.
> UserB can't socket connect with DeviceA.
> UserB can't send files to DeviceA.
> ......

How do you prevent that user B bypasses your daemon and talks to the
kernel and/or system bluetooth daemon directly, and thus does these
things that it is not allowed?

I suspect you were assuming that all processes can only do Bluetooth via
your framework. If yes, then you need to
     A. ensure that all Bluetooth users in Tizen do that,
     B. and then (and only then!) ensure that all other ways of doing
        Bluetooth are prohibited.

For A, work with the Tizen managers (if you need help from other teams)
or propose patches yourself (otherwise). For B, look at the security
mechanisms in Tizen.

If you do B without A, then you'll break working features. This is
likely to not please Tizen IVI with its planned release end of this
year, so I am copying Mark Linkmeyer.

Best Regards, Patrick Ohly

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