[Dev] how to install and use encfs in tizen rd-pq(reference phone)

이준민 luckyleaf89 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 08:17:22 GMT 2014

Hi, all

I'm a beginner developer and I have a question.

I have no idea whether I have the authority to question every people.

but, I hope somebody help.

I want to make a kind of secure system app.

this app is divided 2 area like private, public.

so I must create encrypted folder(private) in tizen rd-pq phone.

In this folder, all files are encrypted like encfs.

encfs is virtual encrypted filesystem which stores encrypted data in the
rootdir directory and makes

the unencrypted data visible at the mountPointdirectory.

I know that tizen includes fuse(filesystem in userspace) and fuse provides

*how to install and use encfs in tizen rd-pq phone?*

*if encfs is not supported, how to create encrypted folder in tizen rd-pq

I tried to install encfs through sdb but it had many problems.

please help me...
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