[Dev] Remove syspopup from Tizen 3 - Add notification

Christophe Moreau christophe.moreau at open.eurogiciel.org
Mon Oct 20 12:28:45 GMT 2014


For Jira https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1476 correction, patchs for
each package (with remove of syspopup use) are pushed and review is in
progress or already performed.

For the second part of the correction (add of calls to notification-service
functions in replacement of syspopup use) , patchs for each packages
concerned by notification use are pushed on gerrit too (see

Some other corrections have to be made :
- minor corrections (add title to several popup, ...)
- the most important part is notification-service plugin modification, wich
can be more complex. It mainly concerns the following packages :
"system-server", "net-config", "usb-manager" and "bluetooth-share".

For this plugin release , some code from syspopup packages previously used
must be added in notification-service packages, and some notifications must
be modified too (add of buttons made into the plugin).

- calls to syspopup are cleaned from packages expected to be used in Tizen
- Add to notification-service call are made for most of the packages used
in Tizen 3 , but  "system-server", "net-config", "usb-manager" and
"bluetooth-share (and "notification-service" plugin) must still be updated
to fully implement notifications.

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