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Whiteman, John L john.l.whiteman at intel.com
Mon Oct 20 17:04:25 GMT 2014

Hi Janusz,

I'm fine with the second approach.  Other upstream packages are already
doing it and the history can be useful.

Best Regards,


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Hi All,

I've seen that on platform/upstream/openssl repository on upstream branch,
changes are pulled from upstream as a one big blob of code. Wouldn't be
better if we pull commits from upstream as they are? We can have full git
history instead of these blobs.

I've pushed to a review a commit with update to 1.0.1j in existing

I've also prepared a sandbox branch with the same upstream changes (with
full git history) rebased on tizen.org upstream branch:

We should choose one way of moving changes from upstream.
We should do the same for tizen branch.

Janusz Kozerski

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