[Dev] 회신: Tizen Open Source Hardware ARM Developer Meeting at TDS14SH

Yang Hee-cheol heecheol.yang at outlook.com
Mon Oct 20 17:51:22 GMT 2014

Hello, thanks for your mail and information.

It is regrettable  that  I couldn't  take part in that  meeting. I wish that would  be wonderful meeting.

By the way, is there any online or hangout session on that seminar or meeting?  It would be nice if there were that kinds of things.


Heecheol, Yang.
sorry Anavi. I forgot  to send this mail to tizen mailing  list address.  This mail would be sent again to you. Sorrt.

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Hi All,

Tomorrow during Tizen Developer Summit Philippe "rzr" Coval and I will
have a talk about "How to Port Tizen:Common to Open Source Hardware
Devices?". Philippe will present Minnorboard Max (with Intel Atom CPU)
and I will talk about Sunxi low cost development boards and devices
(with ARM CPU).

After the talk I would like to invite you to an open source hardware ARM
developer meeting at 10:30 AM tomorrow (Tue 21 October) near the
Allwinner booth in the tech show case ballroom. I would like to disuss
with you the progress of the porting of Tizen to Sunxi devices and the
challenges that we are facing such as the support of Mali DDK for
Wayland and Linux kernel 3.14 LTS.

Best regards,

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