[Dev] Enhancing development workflow

Maciej Wereski m.wereski at partner.samsung.com
Wed Oct 22 15:10:48 GMT 2014

Dear fellow Tizenians,

I'd like to propose little enhancement for current workflow, which should
make updating packages a little bit easier and less error-prone.

Lately I've been working on 2 upgrades. First was quite big (systemd from
208 to 212). Few people were working on this case and we had to make
changes to a few other repositories. We were using sandbox branches and
devel:Tizen:Common OBS project. Changes to OBS were pushed by hand from
sandboxes (thanks Stéphane).

Today I've prepared util-linux update (v2.25 will be required by systemd
v217). This is much simpler case and it'd be inconvenient to disturb other
to push this to OBS. I think that pushing rebased tree directly to
repository and sending commit with spec update on review is also not an
option, as the tree is rebased on new sources, so old version won't build
(or will build new version).

I've seen that also others are struggling with updates (dbus, openssl).

I think it would be great if another branch could be defined (for-next?).
After pushing upstream (and pristine-tar if required), developer would
push changes to review on for-next. The development could go as on tizen
branch, i.e. patches from many developers, review and merges.

Secondly this branch should have it's own OBS project. I think only one
project for Common profile should be sufficient (at least for now). So
after merging some changes in for-next we can get updated packages and

After testing, fixing and ensuring that update is safe, for-next is
renamed to tizen.

Currently updates are expensive (developers build and test images on their
own) so updates are done rarely, which makes them even harder to perform.
I think that as a result of workflow change, Tizen will have newer
codebase and will receive updates on more regular basis.

Is this change possible? Or are there any other ideas how to improve
process of package upgrades?

Maciej Wereski
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
m.wereski at partner.samsung.com

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