[Dev] how to install and use encfs in tizen rd-pq(reference phone)

Dariusz Michaluk d.michaluk at samsung.com
Thu Oct 23 13:34:07 GMT 2014

> So, I tried to install ecryptfs in rd-pq. I had downloaded
> ecryptfs-utils.tar.gz and unzip in rd-pq.
> But ecryptfs did not work on sdb shell.
> If you know how to use ecryptfs in rd-pq, please reply my letter. TT

You can download ecryptfs-utils rpm from here (should work on rd-pq):

alternatively, you can build package with gbs (armv7l architecture)

then install on device: rpm -i ecryptfs-utils-104-6.2.armv7l.rpm

Dariusz Michaluk
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
d.michaluk at samsung.com

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