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Baptiste Durand baptiste.durand at open.eurogiciel.org
Fri Oct 24 12:42:29 GMT 2014

Hi all,

I've recently created a wiki page about application Framework


We can find HOWTO Section that provides a good way to launch / kill
/install / uninstall  applications etc...

open_app has disapeared (https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1883) it has
been replaced by app_launcher

open_app is avaible only if you install aul-test package

So now on Tizen Common image & for the next IVI image (delay can be
expected due to sync process).

Here is an extract of the HOWTO section
Packages Management

 pkgcmd -i -t <pkg type> -p <pkg path> (-G) (-q)
 pkgcmd -u -n <pkgid> (-G) (-q)  // NOTE the pkgid should be used NOT the appid.
 *List the installed packages*
 pkgcmd -l
 *Kill all applications associated to a package ID (usefull in case of
 pkgcmd -k -n <pkgid>

 Applications Management

Legacy HOWTO Tizen IVI 14.3 Release:

 *list available application IDs*
 *launch an application*
 open_app <app_id>
 *launch an application with debug mode*
 open_app <app_id> -d

There is a new app_launcher tool (Feature TC-1883) on Tizen Common.

 *list available application IDs*
 app_launcher -l
 *launch an application*
 app_launcher -s <app_id>
 *launch an application with debug mode*
 app_launcher -s <app_id> -d
 *Get all running applications of the current user*
 app_launcher -S
 *kill an app*
 app_launcher -k <app_id>
 *Status of a specific app*
 app_launcher -r <app_id>


Baptiste DURAND
Eurogiciel Vannes/FR
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