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On 24/10/14 15:58 , "Stéphane Desneux"
<stephane.desneux at open.eurogiciel.org> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Let me summarize (and make small adjustments on Maciej's proposal):
>- for "big" updates (ex: systemd), we could harmonize the naming and
>have a "devel_common" branch (in place of Maciej's for-next branch),
>submitted and built in the devel:Tizen:Common project, with images
>published in snapshots/devel/common. If it's a profile-specific package,
>the branch could be named devel_<profile>

for targeted upgrades of big components or something that require extended
period of development we have for already quite long time devel: hierarchy
of build projects and devel/* branch hierarchy in packages.
E.g. devel:x11:common
https://build.tizen.org/project/show?project=devel%3Ax11%3Acommon  ->
devel/x11 branches.

Maintainers who are planning to do such big upgrades can request devel:
projects based on their neeeds and then ask to kill it once this big pile
of changed merged into normal releases.

>- when the devel_common branch is ok, we rename the current tizen branch
>to tizen_x.y.z (x.y.z.= the version of the package, as indicated in the
>spec file). This way, we don't lose the possibility to build old
>versions. Then we create a new tizen branch from devel_common (or rename
>'devel_common' to 'tizen')

please, don’t use “tizen*”. namespace of branches for anything else than
release branches. 

for old versions of packages, there are always submit/accept tags that are
existing in repo. 
you don’t need to create branch for every package version.

>- correct me if I'm wrong: the above rules would work only if the
>upstream branch always goes forward (push --force should be forbidden on
>the upstream branch). Otherwise, some inconsistencies can be introduced
>for old tizen_x.y.z branches.

for upstream code generation it’s important that upstream tags are not

e.g. if package version 1.1-22 ($sha_1) is needed to be built, upstream
tag 1.1 ($sha_2) should be (grand-…)parent of $sha_1.

I hope Markus would be able to add more details here. But in short,
upstream tags are the most important things.

>Finally a question: do we still need pristine-tar branches ? Using
>upstream gits is far better IMO (even in case where the upstream branch
>is maintained only on tizen.org)

pristine-tar branches allows us to recreate byte-to-byte exactly same
tarball for components like it was published on upstream download server.
e.g. http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bash/bash-4.3.tar.gz

>FYI, we'll have to upgrade ~100 packages soon to align with Yocto
>versions. This makes Maciej's proposal even more interesting !

I would suggest for such upgrade make a devel:xxxx:{common,ivi} projects,
and make sure that both common and ivi would be buildable/testable after
such changes.
and once it’s confirmed, merge changes to tizen (or tizen_ivi) branch.

PS. beside of devel: project, there is always possibility of agreeing with
release engineers that certain submission ID is used to accumulate changes
that includes multiple packages at same time. so, using pre-release
project as temporary “upgrade” sandbox.

>Best regards.
>Stéphane Desneux
>Intel OTC - Vannes/FR
>On 22/10/2014 17:10, Maciej Wereski wrote:
>> Dear fellow Tizenians,
>> I'd like to propose little enhancement for current workflow, which
>> make updating packages a little bit easier and less error-prone.
>> Lately I've been working on 2 upgrades. First was quite big (systemd
>> 208 to 212). Few people were working on this case and we had to make
>> changes to a few other repositories. We were using sandbox branches and
>> devel:Tizen:Common OBS project. Changes to OBS were pushed by hand from
>> sandboxes (thanks Stéphane).
>> Today I've prepared util-linux update (v2.25 will be required by systemd
>> v217). This is much simpler case and it'd be inconvenient to disturb
>> to push this to OBS. I think that pushing rebased tree directly to
>> repository and sending commit with spec update on review is also not an
>> option, as the tree is rebased on new sources, so old version won't
>> (or will build new version).
>> I've seen that also others are struggling with updates (dbus, openssl).
>> I think it would be great if another branch could be defined
>> After pushing upstream (and pristine-tar if required), developer would
>> push changes to review on for-next. The development could go as on tizen
>> branch, i.e. patches from many developers, review and merges.
>> Secondly this branch should have it's own OBS project. I think only one
>> project for Common profile should be sufficient (at least for now). So
>> after merging some changes in for-next we can get updated packages and
>> images.
>> After testing, fixing and ensuring that update is safe, for-next is
>> renamed to tizen.
>> Currently updates are expensive (developers build and test images on
>> own) so updates are done rarely, which makes them even harder to
>> I think that as a result of workflow change, Tizen will have newer
>> codebase and will receive updates on more regular basis.
>> Is this change possible? Or are there any other ideas how to improve
>> process of package upgrades?
>> cheers,
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