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Hi Seungku,

>If the NBT is planning to be in Tizen 3.0, may I receive milestone about this?
Yes,   and NTB will be used on TIZEN IVI, therefore, it will be merged to TIZEN COMMON firstly.
NTB need to match the milestone of TIZEN IVI and it need to be merged to TIZEN COMMON before 2014.12.
If not, we will miss the related milestone.

>And please consider my issue reporting again.
1. In fact, we very hope work together with you to find and  possible issues on NTB.
I will consider your issue report too and talk about the topic with you again later.
2. NTB will be used on TIZEN IVI, it is good chance to find and fix possible issues on NTB too.
In the process, we can test and evaluate your report related issues too.
Best Regards
Zheng Wu
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Dear all,

I think we don't have enough time to prepare Tizen 3.0.

So, I want to discuss the below issues as soon as possible.

I hope to receive your kind opinion.

Dear Mr. Zheng Wu,

As I know, Tizen 3.0 is planned to be released in the end of Dec. 2014.

I wonder if the NBT is planning to be in Tizen 3.0 or later.

If the NBT is planning to be in Tizen 3.0, may I receive milestone about this?

And please consider my issue reporting again.

Best regards,

Seungku Kim

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Hi Mr. Doming ar Foll,

I'm not proposing something for NBT.

I shared these issues with Mr. Zheng before, but he didn't agree on these issues.

So, I'm sharing the issues in here and expecting to get your opinion.


Seungku Kim

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Title : Re: [Dev] [Bluetooth] About NBT

interesting report.
Could you please let us know what you have proposed to Zheng ?
As your chat were private so far, it's not easy to see how we can help.

BT-NG has announced the integration of Multi user support last week and for that reason is of high interest for Tizen 3, nevertheless it also has to work well for all usages in Tizen 3.

2014-10-24 7:05 GMT+02:00 김승구 <seungku.kim at samsung.com<mailto:seungku.kim at samsung.com>>:

Dear all,

I'm raising some issues about NBT (Next-generation Bluetooth).

Please find an attached file.

I and Mr. Zheng Wu have already discussed about these issues, but we couldn't find common ground for these.

Please give any idea of this issue reporting.

You can see concept of NBT at the below link and code of NBT at "devel" branch of bluetooth-frwk.


* Issue summary

1. CAPI implementation problems

2. Error and exception handling

3. NBT's expected performance


Seungku Kim

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