[Dev] Problem using 'repo init -m <manifest.xml>'

VanCutsem, Geoffroy geoffroy.vancutsem at intel.com
Mon Oct 27 11:46:31 GMT 2014

Hi folks,

I used to be able to clone all sources for a specific Tizen IVI image doing the following:
- mkdir tizen-ivi-image && cd tizen-ivi-image
- repo init -u tizen:scm/manifest -b tizen -m ivi.xml
- Copy the manifest file from the image I wan to clone (e.g.: http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/tizen/ivi/latest/builddata/manifest/tizen-ivi_20141024.6_atom.xml) into '.repo/manifests/'
- repo init -m tizen-ivi_20141024.6_atom.xml
- repo sync -j 16

The 'repo init -m' step now leads to the following error messages (I have tried 5 different, recent manifest files):
fatal: manifest 'tizen-ivi_20141024.6_atom.xml' not available
fatal: no remote for project apps/core/preloaded/libslp-memo within /home/gvancuts/Tizen-IVI-3.0-M3-Oct2014/.repo/manifests/tizen-ivi_20141024.6_atom.xml

I have noticed that the "'remote" line in these manifests are commented out: <!--<remote fetch="ssh://review.tizen.org" name="tizen-gerrit" review="https://review.tizen.org/gerrit"/>  <default remote="tizen-gerrit"/>-->
Turning that line into  <remote fetch="ssh://review.tizen.org" name="tizen-gerrit" review="https://review.tizen.org/gerrit"/>
  <default remote="tizen-gerrit"/> solves the problem.

Does anyone know why the "remote" line in the manifest is now commented out?


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