[Dev] buxton and vconf

José Bollo jose.bollo at open.eurogiciel.org
Mon Oct 27 15:36:27 GMT 2014

Hi all,

Sometime ago, I spent few days to provide a library that wraps the
buxton backend inside a vconf API.

Here is what I did:
 - providing a library that use buxton backend
 - providing a vconftool program
 - scripts to init from vconf
 - scripts to manage initialisation of memory
 - systemd init services
 - improving buxton for listing keys (for admin)
 - improving buxton for querying smack labels (for admin)
 - improving buxton for querying values of any type (for admin)
 - improving buxton for implementing memory backend
 - some debugging of buxton

Currently, all of that is working since more than a week and can be
evaluated. Here the links:
 - https://github.com/jobol/buxton
 - https://github.com/jobol/vconf-buxton

I made evaluation using it to substitute vconf with vconf-buxton. It
works well now but I had to debug buxton that crashed.

Since more than a month, the buxton team is asking itself to not
integrate my work because it dislikes to query a key of any type and to
get just the list of names when listing keys. (see [1] for details)

So it is currently in a blocked state for an unknown duration.

Best regards
José Bollo

the opened pull requests

still opened issue (solved on my side)

still opened pull requests but obsoleted by 131

closed pull requests (because too old)

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